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Service & Utility Charges Print E-mail
The following charges or fees are payable to the relevant parties:

Maintenance Service Charge

For subdivided building, from the date of the delivery of the vacant possession of the parcel, the buyer shall be responsible for paying the monthly maintenance and service charge to the management company appointed by developers. The minimum chargeable rate is RM0.12 per square foot per month, depending on the type, location and services provided in the said subdivided building.

Sinking Fund

For subdivided building, the buyer should upon the date he takes vacant possession of the said parcel contribute to a sinking fund an amount equivalent to 10% of the maintenance service charge.

Quit Rent

For all types of properties, regardless of landed or subdivided building are require to pay Quit Rent to the relevant Land Office annually on or before 31st May. The chargeable rate for Kuala Lumpur is RM0.035 per square foot per annum (the rate may differ for different localities).

Assessment Charges

All types of properties are require to pay Assessment Charge to the relevant local authorities bi-annually, the first-half-yearly to be paid on or before 28th February; and the second-half-yearly to be paid on or before 31st August. The minimum chargeable rate is 6% per annum for Kuala Lumpur (the rate may differ for different localities) of the Annual Value of the property. The Annual Value is determined by the Government Valuers base on the estimated annual rental income.

Sewerage Service Charge

Each household is required to pay the sewerage service charge to Indah Water Consortium (IWK); the rate is RM8.00 per household per month for households that connected to the central sewerage system.

Electricity Bill

To be paid to Tenaga Nasional Berhad base on monthly usage.

Water Bill

To be paid to the water services authorities (in Kuala Lumpur is managed by Syabas) base on monthly usage.

Gas Bill

If there is a centralised gas supply system (normally for subdivided building), the gas bill shall be paid to the gas suppliers (normally is Petronas Dagangan) per monthly usage.

Telephone Service Charges

To be paid to TM Berhad as per monthly usage for land line at home.

For mobile phone, it is to be paid to the respective service providers, i.e. Celcom (019 & 013), Maxis (012 & 017), Digi (016), U Mobile (018) and etc.

Internet Connection Fee

To be paid to the internet service providers (TM Berhad, Time Telekom, private service providers, etc) per monthly usage or the package subscribed.

Astro Bill

Astro is a satellite base television. Payment of the service is base on subscribed or choice package signed with the Astro. (NB: There are other similar providers in the country)

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